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How to Make Healthy Living Fun

I don’t know about you, but staying fit and healthy is so hard! Eating right and exercising regularly has been a long journey that I am now just barely getting the hang of. It was only recently that I’ve been motivated to change my lifestyle for the better. This adjustment has been a little rough, but by doing it at your own pace and creating a plan that works best for you, being healthy can actually be fun!

Changing one’s lifestyle definitely takes a toll on a person mentally. Anything that a person isn’t used to is really uncomfortable. I’ve found that having a clean and healthy mindset when going into this process is most productive. The first step to this is having a positive outlook while improving yourself. Think of this as something that will bring a positive impact into your life, and modify your lifestyle to fit what you are most happy, healthy, and satisfied by. Remember, being healthy isn’t just physical, it’s also about having a sound mind. 


The second step to living a healthier lifestyle in a fun way is to create goals. Write them down and share them with others if you want. By doing this, you are more likely to reach them because you are reminded of these objectives constantly, and you also have a great support system behind you. Simply writing these targets down in your planner, leaving a note on your fridge, or even creating reminders on your phone are all effective tools to form positive change.


Now, when it comes to eating healthy it can be hard at first, but with small modifications to fit your needs, it becomes a daily routine. This is definitely where one’s creative side comes in! There are so many cool and delicious recipes you can make that aren’t going to negatively affect you in the same way junk food does. Being healthy doesn’t mean staying away from sugary drinks and desserts, it just means that frequency and moderation matter. Once you do that, your body and overall attitude can change for the better. In the article “9 Ways a Clean Eating Diet Can Help You Feel Better”, it’s stated that, “Your body was designed as a well-oiled machine; it comes equipped with everything it needs to keep itself in gentle homeostasis, and the better quality fuel you feed it, the better you will feel.” Clean eating is so important, but don’t forget you also deserve to indulge on occasion. Do it, you deserve it after this hard change! 

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Working out is also a big part of being healthy. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends working out at least 2.5 hours a week. This is estimated to be around 20-25 minutes per day. Now, adding a workout into your daily routine can be hard, but just like with eating, getting active can also be fun when you find the right type of exercises for you. Ranging from spin classes to pilates to swimming, there are so many opportunities to make this activity fun. Personally, joining a regularly guided workout class has been the best for me. It keeps you so motivated and engaged, you don’t want it to end sometimes.

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Clean living is essential to feeling and looking better. Whether you have been wanting to change your lifestyle or not, this article shows just how easy being healthy can be. Small changes can make all the difference; you don’t have to go to the extreme in order to be in good health. Find a lifestyle that fits you well both mentally and physically. Also, it’s important to note that everyone works at a different pace. By combining one’s likes with safe, healthy living practices, there is no doubt you can live your best life.

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