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Dauntingly, it challenges

Five feet high

In the air.


The firm surface

Quickens my heart.

My hands grace the hoop,

The curves stiff to the touch.


A straddle mount gets me up

Into position I go.

Facing towards the apparatus,

I move the hoop swiftly between my bum.

It hurts and it strains

The lyra molding with my back.


Fancy this?

I think not,

As I dismount.

Red and purple,

Blacken behind my knees,

Up my back.

Hands sore and used,

Straining to even make a fist.


A beautiful art that is not for me,

I’ll leave it be.


A girl studying Journalism at the University of Utah. When she is not writing, Nina enjoys novels, her cute dog, dancing in the air and buying excessive amounts of skincare that she doesn't need. 
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