Freshman Fifteen: How to Stay Confident

The freshman fifteen (or twenty) will affect all of us. With all the free food around campus, newfound independence, and stress, it’s no wonder that college can cause weight gain. It’s important to remember that one’s worth isn’t connected to weight or appearance. Here are some tips on how to deal with weight gain.


  1. Your stretch marks are tiger stripes.You’ve earned every mark you have. Your stretch marks are merely painting on your canvas.

  2. Don’t analyze yourself in front of the mirror.

Being too self-critical is a great way to get on the downhill road to low self-esteem. Often, getting rid of your full-length mirror can help remind you not to analyze your every flaw.

3. Buy some new clothes.

It’s hard to feel confident in clothes that don’t fit or flatter you. Invest in clothing that makes you feel comfortable in your own size.

4. Exercise for the right reasons.

Exercise to feel strong  and good about yourself, not to change how you look or weigh. If you feel healthy, confidence will follow.

5. Redirect negative thoughts.

Distracting yourself from negative thoughts and feelings can help prevent you from engaging in unhealthy behaviors, like fad diets. Whenever you start thinking negative thoughts about yourself, recognize what you’re doing and start listing the positive things about yourself instead.

Whether the freshman fifteen stays for forever or a day, what really matters is how you feel about yourself. You are beautiful no matter what your size or weight, so take some time to appreciate all that your body does for you on a daily basis. Most importantly, don’t forget to love yourself, collegiettes!

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