Best Comfort Foods for Fall

     With Autumn comes crunchy leaves, chilly weather, and most importantly, comfort foods! With sweater weather you can afford  hide a few calories underneath a comfy sweatshirt. Here are the best comfort foods for your favorite fall season!


  1. Dinner in a Pumpkin

    Don’t want to do the dishes? Cook in a pumpkin instead! This stew is yummy and is guaranteed to warm you up on a cold, blustery day.

  2. Almond Cake

    Give your apartment a heavenly scent when you cook this heavenly cake. Almond cake is dense, and not overly sweet, making it perfect to grab a slice on your way to class.EASY ALMOND CAKE RECIPE |

  3. Butterbeer

    Fall and Harry Potter movies go hand in hand. Have fun watching your favorite movies while drinking this amazingly delicious and nerdy drink. (Challenge: Take a butterbeer shot every time someone says “Harry Potter!”)Image result for butterbeer

  4. Apple Pie

    This may be a class oldie, but it doesn't mean it's not a goodie! This classic dish is guaranteed to make some new friends in your dorm as soon as they sense its delicious aroma…recipe active photo

  5. Green Bean Casserole

    In honor of Dorcas Reilly, its original creator, who recently passed away. This casserole is easy to make, filling, and easy on the ol’ college wallet.Image result for green bean casserole

  6. Beef Stroganoff

    Let’s be real...pasta is your main food source when you’re in college. Spice up your pasta game by making this scrumptious (and healthier) version of Kraft Mac n’ Cheese.Image result for beef stroganoff

     So, before you curl up to a good movie, cook some comfort foods to make your fall day absolutely perfect. Happy fall, collegiettes!

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