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Being Bold and Taking Chances

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Chances. They are taken, taken away, and taken through a lens. A part of my resolution for this year is to take more of them. I thought that if I only have one life to live, then why not give in to this incredible life I feel so drawn to? Is it that I don’t look for the stars because the last time I tried to, it was cloudy? Could it be that I stopped loving fire when I got burned? Or maybe it is because feeling the wind used to be a comfort until it blew everything away? I can’t say why I, like most people, feel as if chances are risks that never pay off, but I know that every risk I have ever taken has not been for nothing. Travel, fall in love, chase your dreams, try new food, discover new music, dance in the rain, and feel the endless possibilities wrap their vast arms around your mind. 

I am so desperately afraid to be like everybody else, yet, I stay so comfortable in living like a blueprint. If I stick to the plan, the plan is carried out as originally stated. It makes sense why few deviate from the norms of day to day life. It is comfortable. Does it have to be bad to switch up the plan, though? I think I have spent my entire life thinking we were made to become something or someone, but could that be wrong? Suppose it is that we are so set on a destination that we can’t possibly imagine the idea that we are destined to do whatever we set our minds to. Maybe destiny isn’t actually a destination at all. Could it so happen that we are there right now, tomorrow, and every day after. That destiny is constant and changing like waves of a tide bending to the will of the moon, but free in its own mind.

The deep and ominous questions of the universe are almost as endless as the universe itself. It is quite overwhelming. I am going to try to simplify it. Nothing is promised. We are owed nothing. So in a world where we can do anything, why simply be like every other human. We may have no control over life as a whole, but find comfort in the control of the moments that are gifted in every precious second that passes. Now, what if we replace the word moment with chances? Then every moment is a chance to be exactly who you have always wanted to be. Take chances, learn that those that are taken away aren’t taken away forever, and capture these moments, these chances, through the lens of a camera, eyes, and mind. Then, when we are old and wrinkled after a full life of truly living, we may look back and have no regrets whatsoever. That is peace. That is comfort. That is a chance the most worthy of taking. The one where you decide to risk it all to potentially have everything you have ever wanted.

Hey there! I am Chloe Carr. I was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska which means I am a die hard Husker fan! I am a freshman at the University of Utah. I am a part of greek life in the Pi Beta Phi Sorority, and I am a writer for the HerCampus Utah chapter. I have always loved writing so I am excited to share my passion for writing here at HerCampus Utah!
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