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There are many stereotypes surrounding the rave community. Many people believe that girls dress too provocatively and that the music is only heavy dubstep. However, the EDM community has so much more to offer than seemingly suggestive clothing or heavy music; raves are filled with love, acceptance, and beautiful music spanning several genres. If you’ve ever been curious about EDM but don’t know where to start, here is a beginner playlist for you.

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1) Sensations — Whethan Remix

This song is a perfect transition into the EDM atmosphere because it still has a very poppy vibe. The beat is spectacular, the vocals are amazing, and it’s an overall fun song to listen to. It’s a tune that definitely requires driving through the canyon with your car windows down and screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs.


2) Across the Room — Odesza

Although this song is slow and soft, it’s very touching. Odesza has been a group whose music has helped me through some of my worst depressive episodes. If you are looking for some wholesome music that touches your soul, listen to anything by this group.


3) Now (ft. Rye Rye) — Bassnectar

I don’t even have adequate words to describe how excited this song makes me. Every single time this song plays, I have the sudden urge to dance! It’s a perfect song to spice up a party or a boring car ride; it’s just one of those songs that makes you want to smile and twerk at the same time.


4) This Town (ft. Sasha Sloan) — Kygo

Again, we are switching back to an “in your feels” song. Not only is the melody of this song absolutely gorgeous, but Sasha Sloan is an amazing vocalist. This song leaves me in awe of how deeply music can touch someone’s soul; if you are feeling like you are lost in life, listen to this song.


5) Faded — Alan Walker

This song is a classic in the EDM world. It’s a perfect blend of beautiful vocals and amazing drops. (This song is absolutely incredible live). 


EDM has impacted my life in more ways than one. No matter what emotion I am feeling (happiness, sadness, excitement), music has always been a confidant for me. It touches me deeply and helps me realize that I am never alone. Not only is the music beautiful, but the people within the rave community are equally amazing. If you ever feel compelled to go to a festival, I highly recommend it. It will change your life by opening your eyes to the thing that really matters in life: loving others.

Link to playlist here

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