7 Day Gratitude Challenge

November is the perfect month to give thanks and make change. With the seasons changing and the pumpkin spices turning into peppermint, everyone feels a sense of warmth and gratitude. The best way to express those feelings is by making them ones to remember. Identifying things to be grateful for is important for your mental health and happiness. Whether you are giving appreciation to yourself, an action, or for another person, this challenge is a great way to open your eyes to the past year and give thanks.


Day 1

Written: Look back on the past month and write down 3 things you are grateful for. It can be absolutely anything. (i.e. your dog, being able to be in college, the market being open at 1 am for your late-night ice cream needs, literally anything).

Action: Tell someone you love them. It can be as simple as texting your bestie to let them know you care, or as much as calling your grandma to talk about her day. All of these gestures will brighten their day, and also yours.


Day 2

Written: Write out your plans for the week. Reflect on the opportunities granted, and the areas where you may not enjoy and can have a better outlook on. Some weeks are going to be harder than others. Giving yourself time to process the hard times can make them a little less bad when the time comes. Stay positive and hopeful for a great week ahead.  

Action: Do something nice for someone. It can be washing your roommates’ dishes, picking up the bill, or asking how they are. Spreading happiness and love feels just as good as receiving it.


Day 3

Written: Write about 3 challenges in your past year that you are grateful for. Talk about how they were challenging, and how you overcame them. Don’t let yourself forget how far you have come this past year.

Action: Have an early night for yourself. Get cozy in your bed, get a hot cup of tea, and take time to appreciate your body. After a long day we all need rest. Most days getting 8 hours sounds like a joke. Make that time for yourself today and thank your body for getting you through the day.


Day 4

Written: Write about 3 things that technology made better this month. Tech can get a bad rap, but seeing the good through all of that is a healthy way of being thankful for the little things. I can be that it reminded you to log your water or go to a meeting. Technology can save time and stress. Give it a little love today.

Action: Do something that makes you happy for at least 30 minutes. It can be taking a nap, putting on your favorite spa mask, or taking a hike before the snow rolls in. Whatever it is make sure you make time for it, so you can enjoy it more.


Day 5

Written: Write about 3 foods you are grateful for. Food is essential. Everyone loves a good snack or meal. Talk about your favorites, and why they are so great. 

Action: Smile! Put that grin on for at least 3 people today. Take note of who, when, where, and why you smiled too. Smiles are contagious, and make you feel better throughout your day. Turn that frown upside down!


Day 6

Written: Write about 3 times you felt important. Describe the scenario and how it made you feel. Talk about the people involved or the happiness you felt during it. Ask how you can get that feeling more or how you can share it. It can be simple or lengthy, it all depends on you.

Action: Use today for detox. Detox negative thoughts from your mind, social media feed, and time throughout your day. Take time to focus on your health mentally and physically. Unplug and relax today. Get back to who you are, and appreciate how wonderful it is to be you.


Day 7

Written: Write about 3 of your favorite aspects of you. Talk about why they are great or how they make you feel. Appreciate your strengths as well as your weaknesses. These all make up who you are. Give yourself some love!  

Action: Ask for help with something. It can be with personal issues, homework, or with getting the door. Reaching out is a great way to show how much you appreciate someone’s help. Always thank the person for helping, and reflect on how it made you feel. Help isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes you need a little boost.


Give thanks where you need it. These seven days can be consecutive, or broken up where you see fit. This is also a great starting point to see if you feel any better after it. Feel free to continue this throughout your month if not rest of the year. Most of all give thanks where they are needed.