5 Ways to Meet New People on Campus

College is about having fun, making connections, and succeeding in school (in that order, obviously.) No matter what year you are in school, walking into a class where you don’t know anyone can be pretty intimating, but you never know what others have to offer unless you give it a try! Here are 5 tips on how to make it a little easier to meet new people.

1. Get Ready!

I know, having a 7:30 am class is rough, but if you feel good about yourself you will be way more likely to talk to a new person in class or at the library. Even waking up 15 minutes early can make you feel a little better about your day!

2. Look Approachable. 

If you walk into class, sit down, and put your headphones in it’s going to make it difficult for someone to feel like they can talk to you. By looking alert and confident it will make others feel like you are interested in a conversation.

3. Make the first move.

It can be pretty nerve racking, but starting out the conversation is a sure way for you to meet someone new. By asking someone simple questions their major or what classes they are taking you will be able to spark a new conversation and possibly have someone that you can get through the class with!

4. Sit in the same spot every day

Most people sit in the same area of a classroom every day, so you should start to recognize the people around you! Starting the first week get to class a little early and socialize with the people around you.

5. Exchange Information

Ask the people around you if they want to start a study group. Chances are, they are looking for people to help them with the class also. Plus, I guarantee it will help you get a better grade and succeed more in school!

No matter if you have a class with friends or not, reach out to someone who is sitting alone and give them a chance! Now, go get this new semester, collegiates.