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5 Ways to Make it Through the Hump Day Slump

It’s Tuesday and you’re not even halfway done with the homework you need to do. It’s 10:30 p.m... how are you expected to make it through the rest of the school week?  You’ve hit that mid-week slump and it’s hitting you hard.  You’re not looking forward to your Wednesday class schedule or your shift at work at; all you want to do is curl up in bed with a book and some chocolate. But uou know you can’t do that and come Friday you’ll probably regret slacking on Wednesday when you were feeling worn out.  Never fear collegiettes, here are five ways you can get over that Hump Day hump. 

1. Find a change of scenery and do your homework somewhere new.

Sometimes all you need to keep your week moving is finding a way to shake things up.  Try doing your homework at your favorite coffee shop.  Mine is Coffee Garden on 9th and 9th,, they have a great chai and delicious pastries and sweets.  If you can stay focused on your work, the new surroundings and a caffeine boost helps motivate you during a busy and tiring week.  If the weather’s nice try studying outside.  Take your book and head to the park to do the readings you dread doing.  Utilize the Salt Lake area because there are so many cool places that can help inspire you to keep going and get past the Wednesday woes.

2. Find some inspiration that motivates you to keep working.

Pinterest is full of quotes to remind you to work your hardest and be your very best.  Sometimes all you need is a little reminder to keep your eye on the prize or that good grades are more important that naps.  Find a cute quote like the one below and set it as your phone background as soon as you start to feel pooped Tuesday night.  You’ll wake up and see your mid-week mantra and remember to be a bad a** for the rest of the day. 

3. Take a (reasonable) break.

Sometimes Wednesday rolls around and we give up.  We don’t complete all of our homework, we skip class to take a nap, or we just give up and productivity declines.  We will inevitably regret it later but in the moment we’re just so exhausted.  At this point maybe you need a productive break to unwind and regroup so you can come back to your work with a newfound energy.  I love to take a bath for an hour and then cover myself in lotion and get back to doing my homework feeling refreshed!

4. Work it out, literally. 

Exercise and get some blood flowing to your brain!  If you’re finding yourself straying from your math homework to Twitter take a break from the grind and put on your sneakers and head to the gym for a little.  Maybe this sounds backwards because when you’re tired working out isn’t the first thing you want to do.  But if you can get yourself moving and doing something productive and positive that isn’t your mundane homework your brain will be able to recuperate and be ready for action as soon as you sit back down.  Plus, you burned some calories so don’t feel guilty about grabbing a little hump day snack to keep you going. 

5. Dress to impress yourself.

Sometimes you wake up Wednesday morning and you’re just not feeling it.  That can be hard to beat when it hits you first thing in the morning.  When that slump hits you hit it right back by getting ready and looking awesome.  It’s so much easier to tackle your world when you’re feeling your best and sometimes looking your best helps you with that. 

Believe in yourself, collegiettes. Know that you can make it through the week and accomplish all that you need to have a great productive week.  You don’t want to look back on your week Friday trying to remember what you actually accomplished.  These kinds of weeks can pile up and hurt you in the long-term.  Be the girl who gets what she wants because she puts in the work and doesn’t slack the second she starts yawning.  

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