5 Supplements to Consider Taking

Dietary supplements that can help enhance and boost your health!

  1. 1. Prebiotics & Probiotics 

        To start, let’s differentiate between what exactly prebiotics and probiotics are because as they can function in unison to benefit one's health, they also have their own individual effects. Prebiotics resemble kinds of fiber that feed the good bacteria within an individual's digestive system. Probiotics on the other hand contain live bacteria that can be found in common foods or other specific supplements. They can be very beneficial in numerous ways to your health. Gut bacteria, also known as gut microbiota, plays a significant role in important bodily functions like digestion, health regulation, nutritional balance and can even impact overall mood. So, taking prebiotics and probiotics individually, or as combined supplements can offer a huge boost for your gut health! 

    Brand Recommendation: Olly Probiotic + Prebiotic For a Balanced Belly 

  2. 2. General Multivitamin

         For most, taking a multivitamin might be a given part of any routine but it’s important to look for what exactly a multivitamin consists of. It’s widely suggested by healthcare workers and nutritionists that a multivitamin should contain these seven ingredients: vitamin D, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, folate and vitamin B-12. The combination of these ingredients within a multivitamin provides balanced support for overall health and immunity. 

    Brand Recommendation: Vitafusion Multivites 

  3. 3. Vitamin C

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         Vitamin C might be an obvious go to that a lot of people may think of. Taking it on its own is entirely conducive to supporting overall immune health and can assist in protecting against the likelihood of sickness. Additional benefits include reducing the risk of chronic diseases/illnesses and heart disease, assists in preventing iron deficiency and more! 

    Brand Recommendation: Vitamin C + Rose Hips by Nature’s Bounty 

  4. 4. Fish Oil

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        Fish oil is primarily known for its ability to support heart health and for it being rich with omega-3 fatty acids which contribute to regulatory brain and eye function and can help fight inflammation. There are numerous other ways that fish oil is thought to aid health but a major drawback can be a so-called “fishy” aftertaste. This may not be an ideal factor but in terms of this supplements benefits the pros just might outweigh this con. 

    Brand Recommendation: Fish Oil by Nature’s Bounty 

  5. 5. Apple Cider Vinegar 

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         Apple cider vinegar is a supplement that can be taken daily or on occasion accompanied with a meal to better the process of digestion, in supporting weight loss and in improving water balance. Taking ACV in a supplement form is much easier on the stomach compared to the health trend of taking a shot of liquid apple cider vinegar that can feel harsh on the stomach. There are also other beneficial ways that ACV is thought to boost one’s health!

    Brand Recommendation: Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy Vitamins by Goli Nutrition


As a disclaimer, vitamins and supplements should mainly come from eating in a balanced way that’s right for you. Afterall, that’s where this aspect of nutrition comes from in the first place! Extra vitamins and supplements simply offer an added boost to one's health and immunity paired with diet. Make sure to do individual research into what supplements may be right for you and that could help in maintaining your health!