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5 “Adulting” Tasks You Should Start Doing Right Now

As a technical “adult,” I know that there are things I am going to have to start doing regularly. Like, doing my taxes without asking my parents, dusting, replacing the tires in my car before 3 months past winter, figuring out how one would replace the oil in their car, and basically everything else that has to do with cars. However, I also know there are things that have to do with being an “adult” that I can (and will) start doing now! These are (somewhat) easy steps towards one day becoming an actual human adult!! Let’s get going, pals!

1. Take control of your health.

When was the last time you went to the dentist? Vagina-owners, have you gone to the gynecologist in the last year? HAVE YOU GONE TO YOUR PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER AT ANY POINT IN THE RECENT PAST??? If you answered no to any of these questions, CALL YA PROVIDER AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. I get it, it’s hard to talk to people and make appointments and use the phone, but the thing is, your health is only going to go down from here. Wouldn’t you rather start getting things under control now, rather than when you’re 43 with kids to take care of and, like, an actual person job? I don’t think so! Figure out your wisdom teeth, make sure your glasses prescriptions are up to date, and GO SEE A THERAPIST GOD DAMMIT.

2. Wear sunscreen.

I swear to god, don’t fight me on this. No matter what your skin tone, no matter where you live, no matter the season, YA NEED SUNSCREEN. You all know all of the health risks that go along with sunburns and not wearing sunscreen. The only reason you aren’t regularly wearing sunscreen is because you’re lazy, and trust me, I get it, but just throw in some sunscreen to your skin care routine (or have sunscreen be your first attempt at starting a skin care routine) and protect your face/body!!

3. Clean out your closet.

If you’re anything like me, you have been doing this since you were 10 years old because you have ADHD and need tasks. BUT I know plenty of people who don’t regularly clean out their closets, and still find clothes from 10 years ago hidden in a drawer. Not only is this helpful to your life, but cleaning out your closet can be a fun walk down memory lane as well as earn you some money! Sell your clothes to local thrift shops, and get a little change for all your hard work. And while you’re at it, clean out any collection of ‘memories,’ your jewelry, or any other place you tend to hoard things. How many pens do you even need? It’s the Great Purge of 2019!! Clean out ya spaces!!

4. Separate your laundry.

This is not my strong suit. I learned to do my laundry but chucking all of my clothes into the washer and hoping for the best. You know who doesn’t do that? Functioning adults who don’t like all of their white shirts being slightly gray. You ever buy something new and once it’s washed it has suddenly shrunk 3 sizes? Separate your delicates!! There’s a whole different setting for a reason! Your underwear is all loose and faded? Swimsuits? Delicates!! Learn what those little symbols on the tags of your clothes mean! Do your laundry right so that your clothes last longer!! I’m yelling at myself because I don’t do this and I need to!!!

5. Add appointments to your calendar.

My brain is a sieve. Whether that’s because I am still in my 20s, or just a personality flaw, I can’t tell you. But I can tell you that using the calendar in my phone to keep track of all my appointments (even the social ones) has meant that I offend people 80% less than I used to. Not only can you set your calendar to remind you of events, but you can use it to make sure you aren’t doubling up when you schedule a different appointment! Between seeing my doctor, getting my hair dyed, going to work, and hanging out with friends, lord knows I can’t keep straight when I’m free and when I’m not. Using a calendar saves my life, and is an easy way to keep yourself organized.

No matter what steps you’re taking to become more of an “adult,” learning how to better handle, control, and organize your life is always helpful. We can all maintain our childlike joy and carefreeness, as long as we actually take responsibility for the things we have to take responsibility for. High school is over!! Get your head in the game, start taking control of your life, and start kicking “adulting” in the ass!!

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Ailish Harris is a Stage Management and Performing Arts Design transfer student at the University of Utah. She's originally from Salt Lake City, UT, but was lucky enough to attend Emerson College in Boston, MA for her first 3 semesters of college. She has written for both Her Campus Emerson and Her Campus Utah, and is the current Editor in Chief for Her Campus Utah! She is a student leader in many capacities, working as the Secretary for Stage Managers at the U and as the Historian for the Department of Theatre's Student Advisory Committee. She loves Halloween, cooking, theatre, documentaries, organization, fashion, her pet hedgehog Chester, true crime, and Her Campus!
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