3 Leggings to Make You Feel Hot AF at the Gym

What’s the most important thing about working out? Making sure you look good, obviously. But seriously, you feel so much more confident when you show up to the gym or your fitness class and knowing you look good. To get that “I’m gonna kill this workout” look, try one of these pairs of leggings. Nothing is better than walking into the gym with a brand new super cute outfit on.

Running Girl Ombré Leggings (Amazon): $15.99 (with Prime 2-Day Shipping)

For the price, these leggings are a steal. I promise - I have actually bought these and they are seriously impressive for SIXTEEN DOLLARS. Plus, this cute ombré pattern will get you compliments from everyone at the gym. These are seamless leggings with a super high waist, so they are flattering on every body type. They are super comfy and come in so many color options!

Victoria’s Secret Knockout Tight: $69.50

Okay, so $69.50 sounds a little pricey for my middle pricepoint pair of leggings, but Victoria’s Secret always has sales. Last week, these leggings were on sale for half off and a couple of weeks ago you could get these with a sports bra for $75.00. So friends, wait for a sale and you can get a killer deal on these leggings. As opposed to the seamless leggings that were previously mentioned, these feature an elastic at the top of the leggings. Upside: they stay up much better; downside: they are a little less comfy at the top and give you slightly less of that hourglass shape. But, these are a higher quality 4-way stretch material than the leggings from Amazon. Plus, they come in a short, regular, and long inseam so they can fit you perfectly no matter your height. These come in 26 colors, with and without mesh.

Lululemon Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Full-On Luxtreme: $98.00

These are worth every single penny. Before I discovered the wonders of Lululemon, I was a cheap leggings kind of girl. Somehow, I have become the person spending my entire paychecks on Lululemon leggings. The Wunder Under leggings (that also come in a cropped version) are the ones you always see on Instagram, because they make your waist look tiny and your booty look bootylicious. Their full-on luxtreme fabric feels like a second skin, they are so comfy! These even have a hidden pocket inside of the waist band that you can fit small stuff in. I could wear these leggings every day. They come in many colors, lengths, and fabrics, as well as high-rise and low-rise fits. If you really scour the sale sections, you can sometimes find these for a bit cheaper. But seriously, these will last you for years and Lululemon has incredible customer service if anything goes wrong with them. I promise I am not advertising for them, just a dedicated fan of their pants.

Regardless of your budget, all three pairs of these leggings will make you look and feel fantastic. There’s no better way to motivate you to get to the gym than a cute new outfit. Even if you’re not a gym-goer, you can just wear these to the grocery store so that people think you are. Happy shopping!

*All photos in this article are taken from their respective brand websites*