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15 Study Breaks to Get You Through Midterms

As spring break approaches, that means midterms are closer than we think. Along with this comes days and nights full of studying, trying to cram as much information as possible into our heads before we go try to ace those exams. During this stressful time, we tend to forget that breaks are a helpful and necessary part of the studying process, whether we are studying ahead of time or cramming the night before. As we buckle down to study our brains out, here are 15 ideas for study breaks for those long nights of working hard.


If you’re hungry:

  1. Have a snack

  2. Grab a coffee

  3. Eat a meal

If you need a change in pace or energy:

  1. Take a walk

  2. Take a nap

  3. Go for a run

  4. Stretch

  5. Do some yoga

  6. Go to the gym

  7. Do a short meditation

If you need to do something that doesn’t require much brain power:

  1. Go on social media

  2. Watch funny cat videos

  3. Play with your pet if you have one

  4. Do something creative like doodle or color in a coloring book

  5. Talk to a friend or family member

As you study hard to pass those midterms, remember that breaks are important in order to keep your focus up! Happy studying!

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