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12 Days of Finals: A Classic Christmas Carol For Collegiettes

Disclaimer: For your own personal enjoyment please be well versed on the melody of this song before enjoying. And preferably before performing for your friends and family and all your fellow finals takers, lovers, and perhaps… failers. 

On the twelfth day of Finals my Teachers gave to me….

Twelve minutes to sleep

Eleven freshman praying

Ten parking tickets

Nine essays not done

Eight cups of coffee

Seven students screaming

Six taco-bell runs

Five days no showers

Four falling grades

Three break downs

Two angry parents

& me taking a semester off

P.s. I know if you’re on here you are procrastinating your finals so I’m doing you a favor by only doing the last closing verse. If you would like to continue procrastinating. Read this article backwards for the entire song verses 1-12! Merry Finals!

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