6 Ways to Manage Your Stress When It Comes to Classes

Stress in inevitable, hopefully these tips make it more manageable.

  1. 1. Actually read the course syllabus

    Professors give the syllabus to help you, not overwhelm you. If an attendance policy is in there, make note of it. Learn how many exams you will have and how much they are worth. When assignments are due, they won't be a surprise, because you would have known about them since the first day. If a class looks like it isn't the right fit for you after reading the syllabus, you can drop it the first week with no charge. Reading a course syllabus and being able to find a class that is perfect for you will reduce the stress of that course for the remainder of the semester.

  2. 2. Keep a planner

    With the syllabus in mind, make a note of each assignment required of you and write them down. Having a planner keeps you organized and you will know what you are supposed to be turning in each class. There won’t be any more embarrassing moments where you walk into class having no idea that a big project was due or that there was a test simply because you didn't know it was happening. Having a planner allows you to know what is going on in your classes weeks in advance and it will give you a better sense of what assignments you should be completing that week.

  3. 3. Set up a Google calendar 

    On top of a school planner you can keep in your backpack, I recommend also having a Google calendar. This calendar can sync with the calendar on your phone and you can also set a recurring schedule for classes or a work schedule. For school, you can make group meetings on the calendar and share it with other people to remind them as well.

  4. 4. Manage your time when it comes to assignments

    After becoming aware of all the assignments you need to do that week, work on them accordingly. If something is due Sunday at midnight, you don't have to wait until Sunday to complete it. Complete these assignments when there is a free gap in your schedule instead of waiting until the last minute. It makes such a difference to get all of your work done on Thursday and having three days of relaxation, instead of a few hours each weekday to relax (nap, Netflix, etc).

  5. 5. Make to-do lists

    For me, crossing something off a to-do list makes me feel really accomplished. Crossing things off a planner may not be enough motivation to get you to do your work, but a to-do list might. Writing down what goals you want to accomplish that day keeps you focused and determined. These lists can be anything and everything you want to make sure you get done that day, from laundry to starting a large assignment.

  6. 6. Get enough sleep and remember to eat

    Staying on top of things in college is crucial, but so is your health. Stressing about a class will only get worse if you don't eat or sleep. Your brain needs time to recharge to focus on mundane things, let alone classes. Don't hurt yourself by not taking care of yourself - eat and sleep.