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WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: Why You Should Drink Green Tea

You finally have a balanced diet, your gym routine down and a healthy sleeping pattern. You are killing it this semester when it comes to your health, but there is one last thing you should incorporate into your daily routines—green tea. Whether you like green tea, or not, you should embrace it for its health benefits, not for its taste:

1. Promotes weight loss

Studies have shown that green tea increases the rate of your metabolism. Due to the polyphenol found in green tea, it intensifies the rate at which your body turns food into calories.

2. Reduces risk of cancer

 The same polyphenols that promote weight loss, are also believed to decrease tumor growth and prevent future tumor growth. In a clinical study, it was proven that green tea drinks were less likely than non-drinkers to develop pancreatic cancer. This was especially seen in women, who were less likely to develop the disease.

3. Soothes depression

An amino acid found in tea leaves, theanine, is a substance that is thought to relax and tranquilize. This can soothe depression and help you to relax when you’re under high stress levels.

4. Prevents illness and infection

Tea has strong antibacterial and antiviral agents in the leaves that can be effective in treating everything from influenza to cancer. It had been seen in multiple studies that it can inhibit the spread of disease.

5. Reduces sun damage and aging

It is thought that green tea can help prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging because of the anti-inflammatory activities and antioxidants. It is also thought that green tea can help reduce sun damage.

Now that you know Her Campus USF’s reasons for increasing the consumption of green tea, head to the store and pick up a pack of teabags. All you have to do it heat up water and you have a healthy drink to fill you up after a meal, or to energize you in the morning. If you are sensitive to caffeine, try a decaf version—it will provide you with these same five benefits without the caffeine jitters.







Kelsey Howard is a senior at the University of South Florida. She is majoring in mass communications with a concentration in magazine and a minor in American Sign Language. Kelsey is currently on the Editorial Team for Her Campus USF, is a blogger for Rent the Runway and a news writing intern for USF College of Arts and Sciences. She loves writing about fashion, beauty, relationships, careers, education, and much more. Kelsey aspires to move to New York City after graduation to pursue a career at a national, monthly magazine. Kelsey is currently on a mission to empower girls and women everywhere! Follow Kelsey on Twitter and Instagram at @KelseyKayHoward and read her personal blog at http://www.kelseykayhoward.com. View her resume and portfolio at www.kelseykayhoward.info.
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