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Much like everyone else, I have reached points during this season of social distancing where a few things make it feel like life is a little bit more normal for me.

Looking at my Education Abroad Camera Roll

Do you know those stereotypical study abroad students who never shut up about their experience that one summer? Well, I’m 100% that person. Facing a global pandemic has been challenging for everyone, and I can verify that it has certainly got me feeling the travel bug more than before. Quite often, I find myself scrolling through my camera roll, missing friends and adventures, and being buried in my guilty pleasure of reminiscing on my education abroad trip to Greece. But who can blame me? We hiked Mount Olympus, visited the Parthenon, took a weekend trip to Santorini, had field trips to hot springs & waterfalls, and on the day before leaving we went on a tour of a winery, then met our professor with his band for a private concert at one of the prettiest beaches ever!

Binge Watching The Bachelor Re-Runs

Thanks, Hulu, for putting old seasons of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise on your streaming platform. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched at least seven seasons within the span of a month or so. Along with that, I’ve still had Chris Harrison gracing my screen every Monday night with The Bachelor’s Greatest Seasons Ever. Needless to say, I’m ready for the new Bachelorette to finally air!

Changing Up My Room

Much like everyone else, I’m working primarily remotely, which means my room needed a bit of a  makeover in order to be my live-in and workspace. Unfortunately, work caught up to me before I finished my room, so this is an on-going project for me in my free time. If you’re working from home, redecorating your room is a great way to get a nice change of scenery every now and then without having to go out.

Digital Drawing

New hobbies are a good thing. As a creative, I’m always looking for new ways to explore my passion for digital storytelling. So, I ventured into the world of digital drawing — if you have a tablet and a stylus, I highly recommend finding an app for drawing because it’s quite stress relieving and a fun break from work and school.

Whatever it is that helps get you through these quarantine times, I encourage you to use those things as an outlet for stress relief and self-care!

Hey, I'm Sara! I'm currently a graduate student at USF, working on my Master's in Global Sustainability. My undergrad was in English (Professional Writing & Technical Communications) and Psychology. My career goal is to do digital storytelling. I love writing, photography, & cows :)
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