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Midterm Check-Up: Self-Care Tips as the Semester Draws to a Close

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

And just like that… Midterms are over, and we are halfway through Fall 2021. For many students, this is their first semester on campus in person rather than at Zoom University. This can be exciting, but also intimidating, as many of us have gotten used to completing schoolwork in the comfort of our own homes. To help cope with the gap between home and school, here are five self-care options to keep calm during the tail-end of the semester as we head toward finals.

Yoga… and yes, I am serious

I was always skeptical of yoga and the “magical powers” it seems to bring those who practice it, but this semester, being a yogi has gotten me through with minimal panic. Having the comfort of a place outside of home or school, A.K.A. a yoga studio, can bring peace and focus into many areas of your life! If you are struggling to give yourself a break from studying and need a way to relax and digest your feelings: grab a mat, find a studio, and give it a shot!

Visit a Cat Cafe

There is no secrecy around the fact that animals help with almost everything. So, by forcing yourself out of a study cave and venturing to a cat cafe to play with adorable fur babies, you are doing yourself a huge favor. Being able to love on and play with a cat in a safe space for even just an hour could give you the grit you need to finish a paper or finally get out those flashcards.

Get Your Nails Done (if possible)

I know that finances can often get in the way of this one, but getting your nails done can help in so many ways! Not only does the act of allowing yourself to be pampered for the hour you sit in a nail salon help with relaxation, but seeing your pretty new nails type away on a keyboard can be way more beneficial than you realize until you do it. Having more confidence in such a small area can make a difference so, make an appointment and get those nails done!

Do Homework in a Park

USF has the beautiful Lettuce Lake Park within walking distance of the campus; why not take advantage of it? Grab yourself a picnic table, take your laptop out, and write in the peaceful quiet of nature. While you work, a change of scenery can be healthy for your mind, lungs, and eyeballs by taking a break from the artificial indoors. Even if you don’t live near campus, visit a local park and experience the authenticity of nature.

Just Sit and Congratulate Yourself

We are always our number one critic when we should be our number one fan. So as the semester draws to a close, find some time to just sit in your favorite place and congratulate yourself on what you have accomplished—rather than scolding yourself about what you haven’t.

"What like it's hard?"- Elle Woods🧠👛💖 Graduating in December 2023 with an MLIS (Masters in Library and Information Science) I have a cat named Edmond Dantes the Cat of Monte Cristo, and a beautiful dog named Daisy.