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During quarantine, many of us took the time to either treat ourselves or beat ourselves. I did a little bit of both. When I say “beat,” I mean, decided to go on a workout journey that would kill my out-of-shape self. What better way to do it than by doing what everyone was raving about: a Chloe Ting challenge. Now, if you go on YouTube and search for others taking on the challenge and see if you can actually do it based on how much they struggle, you will find that the most common challenge is her “two-week shred.” The results were pretty good, and I wanted to look and feel better because I planned on doing it during the two weeks before I left for college. So, I took on her 15-day intense core workout, and here’s how that went:

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Based on the challenge you choose to do, there is a specific set of videos to follow along with each day. They do not require equipment. I didn’t follow the nutrition plan because I wanted to see how the workouts worked independently. However, you can get better results by following the said nutrition plan. I would say I am as athletic as the average person. I am awful at cardio (I huff and puff walking upstairs), but I was still confident I could take on the challenge with ease. I was wrong. The first day was the worst. She starts you off with the hardest workouts, in my opinion, which I guess is nice because it gets easier from there. The workout is only 25 minutes long only if you follow the videos to a T. Like many people, I had to stop multiple times, even when there weren’t breaks, to catch my breath. This is totally fine and a good way to keep track of your progress. As I continued, the workouts became easier but were never easy. It was always a challenge to start, but I never quit. You need to finish the workout even if you have to take long breaks, as long as you get it done.

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I’m not going to lie, on Day Six I was ready to quit. I questioned why I was doing this: was it to feel healthy and get back in shape or just to keep up with TikTok’s skinny legends? Honestly, it was a little bit of both. But you don’t want to get into working out for the wrong reasons. You should never feel like you have to.

Working out is your choice, and no decision makes you any more or less beautiful. Working out gave me a boost of energy and made me feel like I didn’t waste a day away. The results were noticeable for me, and not all of them were physical. I saw my body in a whole new light. I felt toner and fit after the first two days, even if you couldn’t visibly see it. Just getting up and doing something lifted my whole mood. You just have to tell yourself that starting is the hardest part. Give yourself small goals and checkpoints like, after this, I’m getting water, or I’m going to hold it for 10 seconds longer today. This way, you notice your progress and how your body adapts and gets stronger. At the end of the challenge, I could tell my stomach was more defined, and my booty was plumper. I was more confident. If you’re looking to push yourself or just want a quick tone up from quarantine, this is the workout for you.

Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

Check out Chloe Ting’s program here.

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