Back to School Fitness Basics

During the summer there was plenty of time to enjoy the Florida sunshine by heading outside and getting active, but moving back to school can easily disrupt your rhythm. Whether you consider yourself a dedicated athlete or don't run unless you sense an immediate threat, it's always important to get active in some way. Maybe you spent the whole summer getting in the best shape of your life or are just now finding your workout groove at Campus Rec--either way, Her Campus USF wants you to know the back to school fitness basics you need to make working out a lot more fun and a lot less of a hassle.

  • Workout Gear

Even when going to workout, the first thing I ask myself is, "What am I going to wear?" The first thing you need when getting ready to workout is comfortable workout gear. It's important to find something that you can move in, fits well, is made of breathable fabrics and won't be too constricting. A great, inexpensive option for workout gear is the C9 by Champion collection from Target. Two great pieces from that line are the C9 by Champion Women's Sleeveless Mesh Run Tank and the C9 by Champions Women's running shorts. Prices for each run from $10-$16 and the best part is that you don't have to give up on fashion in order to get fit. The C9 collection comes in a variety of colors and prints so they're easy to mix and match. It's hard to recommend a great workout shoe since everyone's needs are different and atheltic shoes are so often specifically tailored to a particular type of exercise. When you're shoe shopping, do your research online before you buy and  ask for help in the store. That will definitely save you a headache or two along with a couple bucks.

  • Water bottle

Whether you really love to push yourself to your physical limits during a workout or prefer to partake in something that's a little more low impact, it's always important to stay hydrated-- especially considering how hot it can get here. A sturdy, reusable water bottle is a necessity when working out.You need something secure, that won't spill if knocked over. If you love the taste of fresh, pure water, this bottle by bobble is a great fit. It's inexpensive, easy to carry and comes with a built-in, replaceable filter so your water tastes great. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and the design of their products is very innovative. If you're someone who hates the taste of water or just prefers something a little more exciting, there are other options (although water is the healthiest way to stay hydrated and least expensive way to stay hydrated). You can make fresh fruit smoothies or buy fresh fruit juice as a healthy alternative to water. This bottle from Vitamin Shoppe is a great option for those on a water strike. The Blender Bottle is BPA free and comes with a BlenderBall mixer inside. The Blender Ball mixer (made of electropolished surgical-steel) gets placed in the bottom of the bottle with all of the ingredients, shake it up and even the thickest of ingredients will be made into a smooth drink for you to enjoy.