4 Ways to Destress That Aren't Technology Related

When walking around campus, almost every college student is on their phone, laptop or tablet. Some are uploading assignments to Canvas, others are scrolling through their Instagram while waiting for their order at Starbucks, and then there are people who re-watch TikTok dances over and over in hopes of learning them one day.

No matter what we are doing on our devices, one thing is for sure: technology consumes a majority of our attention and time. Sometimes, it is best for our mental health to take a break from social media and give our minds a much-needed rest from those bright screens that draw us in so easily. Every night, I try to do one of these activities and let me tell you, it is whole heartedly the best part of my day!

  1. 1. Read a book.

    stack of books

    Now, I know what you might be thinking because I thought it too. I read notes, assignments and textbooks all day, so why would I spend my off time reading even more? Here’s the game changer: read something you are passionate about! I love fashion and makeup, so automatically I am driven to aesthetically pleasing coffee table books. My eye for design and style gets challenged with different influencers’ perspectives and style choices. Check out below the ones I keep in easy reach on my bookshelf!

  2. 2. Write in a journal.

    image of journals

    Writing in a journal is therapeutic in more ways than one. My journals are filled with my favorite moments from the day, goals I want to accomplish this year (because the power of manifestation is real), and my feelings – lots and lots of emotions. Paper doesn’t judge, so write anything you want! Writing in my journal honestly leaves me feeling authentic, inspired, and organized because it is essentially the book of my life that I cannot wait to look back on one day!

  3. 3. Bake like nobody's watching.

    plate of cookies

    Grab your friends, some cookie dough, and pretend you are a contestant on the hottest new baking show because your Pillsbury cookies are unmatched! This is a cheap and delicious way to step away from technology, and it is a lot sweeter to spend your time with the people you love snacking on warm treats.

  4. 4. Do some yoga. 

    Meditating and doing yoga gives you a chance to take a step back and breathe. I honestly prefer to do this in the morning because it is a great alternative to checking my phone and feeling obligated to respond to texts, emails and Snapchat streaks as soon as I wake up. Taking even 10 minutes to stretch and calmly prepare for the day changes my whole perspective and mindset. I am not a yoga expert, so I usually try searching for new routines each week to switch it up a bit.

The most important thing is to remember that we are all human and we all deserve a break from the craziness college can bring upon us. Take advantage of those little moments!