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An Open Letter to my ex-BFF

Let’s just start by saying, There is a  reason you’re my ex-BFF (salty).

I don’t know why you don’t understand me anymore and I don’t know exactly when and how we lost our connection. I used to swear we shared telepathic thoughts. All it took was a glance across the room and I knew you could see everything that was running through my mind. But now we stare straight ahead like complete strangers. Maybe it was me. I hate confrontation. There were times when confrontation was not necessary; all it took was a single joke to break the ice and awkwardness and things would go back to normal. But this is not one of those times. It’s been too long for confrontation to work, and cracking a joke would lead to a polite tight smile and awkwardness that could only be broken by parting ways as if nothing had happened. Maybe I should have confronted matters sooner, but then again, maybe you should have too. I know it takes two, but it helps me sleep better at night when I can lay all the blame on you. The problem is that now you’re a living remnant of my diary. Three years of secrets I never dreamed of telling anyone else are locked in you and the key no longer belongs to me. It’s like I’ve lost a large part/piece of me in you and it makes me question if it’s even worth telling anyone anything anymore. I don’t think I have a “best friend” anymore because I think a “best friend” is too intimate and too permanent a term for human beings that keep changing their mind.

Not trying to play the blame game here, but you have had a significant impact in the way I relate to the new people I meet daily.  I hate attachments, feelings getting sticky, forming close bonds with anyone, that’s gross. I want you to know that you have are forgiven and please do not think of me writing this letter, I am in anyway still holding a grudge, we were friends, we fought, we laughed often and had good times BUT now I have to move on with my life. Forming bonds is a vital part of growth and in me choosing to isolate myself from everyone impedes my progression as an individual. So with these, I lay to rest this friendship to rest and take everything I’ve learned to better myself.

I wish you nothing but what you deserve, have a nice life.


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