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10 Ways the Trump Presidency Has Changed My Life



1.) I have lost all faith in humanity.

Hate to be a bit of a Debbie downer but I specifically remember feeling so depressed on the night of the election, even though I am totally Canadian, and not American.


2.) The Normalization of Overt Racism on Campus.

Once upon a time, people on campus were actually discrete about their discriminatory biases, that was until Trump got elected. Now it is normal to have lunch in the cafeteria and hear open discussions about how “The Great Wall” isn’t such a bad idea, or walking down the hallways and seeing people with “Make America Great Again” hats and t-shirt.

3.) Distrusting the people around me.

Now I’m no avid supporter of Hillary Clinton here, but we can all agree that she a better-suited presidential candidate, well at least that is what I think anyways. So to see her lose to someone like Donald Trump, who openly admits to being a sexist, anti- anything liberal or democratic about America, it makes me wonder whether being around me also think this way. I know this may seem a bit far-fetched but I took a pause for a moment after the elections and asked myself, ‘could this happen in Canada?’

4) SEXISM is a real thing.

It had never occurred just how marginalized women were in society up until recently after Trump got elected. For the most part, I had assumed that since women had rights to vote in society, the ability to hold jobs and opportunities that this made both men and women equal, at least in North America. After the Trump presidency, it was baffling to be just how many educate men in America agreed with some of the Trump’s sexist sentiment.


5.) America HATES me.

American Citizenship Requirement (nowadays) : MALE, WHITE, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC, RACIST, ANTI-CLIMATE AWARENESS, ANTI-WOMEN EMPOWERMENT … shall I go on?



The Trump era has not only taken us a step backward in social issues, but also on scientific issues. I remember learning about climate change in Grade 5 and to think that a lot of people including Donald Trump and his loyal follower haven’t quite grasped this concept in 2017 is incredibly frightening… Governments have a social responsibility to inform it’s citizens about the dangers of Climate Warming, I cannot stress this enough, I mean how can we expect people to change their eco-footprint when they don’t even believe it has any real benefits.


7.) Homophobic attitudes grow stronger yet again.


8.) What on earth happened to respect, empathy, and love?

Ahh, the stuff we were thought in kindergarten, where had all of that gone? 


Something like that, I guess Trump being president now is not all bad. One thing I’ve learned these past few months is that the world is far more united than is portrayed by mass media. It is not always doom and gloom, I love going on social media to see the discontentment others have towards issues such as the Muslim Ban, the new Abortion Bill, etc. 


10. I do not need to apologize for who I am

NOPE, not ever going to do it! In a world where it is becoming increasingly acceptable to marginalize various members of society, it is important as individuals we don’t cower to the pressures of society. We need to take a stand against that which violates human integrity, self-worth, and our liberties. So sorry, NOT SORRY.

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