Weekday Restaurant Deals Around URI

Being a college student evidently means being broke. This is especially true on Mondays after the bar crawls, Uber rides and drunken online shopping. It's great living off campus, but that means we have to fend for food each and every night. You can't deny that we all have those nights where we wish we had Hope or Butterfield to fall back on! Wasn't it so clutch to walk out the door, down a path for two minutes and suddenly have endless amounts of sub-par food? YES! But the South County gods have blessed us college kids with restaurant deals every day of the week! Although there is no such thing as "free," there are some pretty sweet deals offered at a few local restaurants. Check out these cheap breakfast, lunch, and dinner deals that will help you hold onto a few extra dollars this year.  


Kabuki: Calling all sushi lovers! Every Monday, Kabuki offers their amazing specialty sushi rolls for only $10...they usually range from $12 to $20. Kabuki also offers an amazing lunch special everyday. Hot meals like General Tso's Chicken and hibachi range from $8 to $10. They also offer sushi lunch specials where you can get three classic rolls for just $12. Kabuki is located at 91 Tower Hill Rd. in Wakefield. Definitely perfect for a light Japanese lunch. 

Moe's Southwest Grill: Who doesn't think of Moe's after class on Mondays? Obviously people living under a rock. Moe's offers deals Monday through Friday, but nothing beats getting a burrito, chips, salsa and a drink for only $6.49. You could also skip the drink and just get the burrito and chips for $5. Nothing like a customized burrito and five different types of salsa to choose from. Moe's is located at 600 Kingstown Rd. in Wakefield near Starbucks and Belmont. Such a steal!   

Newport Creamery: What's the best news you get around May? That "Awful Awful Mondays" are back on! Buy one get one free Awful Awfuls are the best deal in Rhode Island by far. What's an Awful Awful you might ask? Well it's pretty much a milkshake, but better because "it's a Rhode Island thing." Flavors include vanilla, chocolate, coffee, strawberry, mint, cotton candy, orange, bubblegum, chocolate mint, and mocha. The closest Newport Creamery is in North Kingston on 7679 Post Rd.


Crazy Burger Cafe & Juice Bar: I believe this is a fairly new deal because I just heard about it last week! Crazy Burger posted an Instagram last Tuesday that they now have "two burger Tuesday." The deal begins at 4 p.m. It is located at 144 Boon St. in Narragansett a couple streets over from the beach. Grab a friend and BYOB to Crazy Burger for some quality burgers with a laid back environment!

El Fuego Mexican Grill: El Fuego has won multiple Rhode Island Monthly best Mexican restaurant awards in South County. Their fresh ingredients make the best tacos, nachos, burritos and salads. There's no better day than to go than on Taco Tuesday when tacos are $1.50 all day. El Fuego is located in Wakefield at 344 Main St. right next door from Smoothy Booty and Brickley's.  


Kingston Pizza: The very first thing we learn our freshman year at URI is where buy one get one free calzones is offered. BUT you need to make sure that you specify over the phone that you want the BOGO or else they cheap out on you and don't give you the deal. This BOGO is every single day throughout the year. Check out their online menu if you haven't already: https://www.kingstonpizza.com/our-menu 

There is a location at the top of campus, at the intersection of Bonnet Shores and on Kingstown road.  

Meldgie's Diner: Meldgie's diner is super cheap as is. If you're a working college student that needs to be at work by 9 a.m. and is too lazy to wake up and cook a delicious and nutritious meal, then Meldgies' early bird special is the breakfast for you. Before 8 a.m., Meldgies offers two eggs, homefries and toast for a whopping $2.95. Now that's what I call a steal! But not all of us work and Meldgie's takes that into account...and it shows in their prices! Nothing is over $10 so it's great for us broke college kids.