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Female Struggles at the Gym: URI Edition

We all know that eating healthy and working out is a great lifestyle, but it’s not as easy as we hope it’d be. So, we drag ourselves to the gym in hopes of learning to love running and drinking kale smoothies. Here are some of the things that happen during this attempt to be fit and fabulous.

Finding the motivation to walk to the gym… Almost impossible. It’s raining? Not going. It’s snowing? Definitely not going. 

Should I take the RIPTA? No, I need the exercise.

The locker room is full of girls complaining about their workout… I feel you girl.

You ask yourself if it’s too late to go back to your bed.

It’s definitely too late, might as well get to it.

Should I have fixed my makeup for this? Nah.

You walk out and see what seems like every fraternity member at URI in the weight room.

Oh, is that 9 of your sorority sisters? This is basically a social.

Three words: awkward eye contact…with your ex, and that hot kid in your calc class, and the guy you made out with last night…

Okay, time to sweat.

I hate sweating.

I hate cardio.

Everyone walking into the gym can see my boobs bounce as I’m running.

I should go to an all women’s gym.

Just kidding, hot boys are why I come here.

Should I say hi? They have headphones in, and I’m sweaty. Maybe next time.

Why do boys think they own every weight in the gym? 

You’re bound to get stared at when you use the squat rack.

I can’t wait to eat after this.

Should I eat something healthy? Probably.

“Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries” – Regina George.

My legs feel like they’re going to fall off.

Finally home. That workout was my accomplishment for the week.
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