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Best Ways To Unwind After A Long Week… URI Edition

We all know that the third and the sixth week of college are two of the hardest weeks to get through in your semester. You start to feel like your drowning in work. Though you feel stuck there are ways to unwind!

Listen To Your Body

Your body is the first thing you should be listening to when you feel stressed. Your body will show you signs of when you need to sleep and when you need to eat. It will even tell you when it has had enough. You need to take into account what your body is saying and you will automatically feel better when you do.

Visit The Wellness Center In The gym!

The wellness center is equipt with everything that you need to unwind. They offer meditation on the quad, Yoga, nature walks, and numerous workshops! It will get you feeling more centered and back into working shape in no time!

If You Can, Visit The Rhode Island Yoga Center

The Rhode Island Yoga Center is based out of the Emporium. They specialize in Hot Yoga and every Friday at 5:30 it is only $5! I go, and it is truly an amazing space to make you feel recentered. I love sweating out my stress and why not do that while aligning your chakras!

Watch What You Are Eating

When stressing, it can raise our cortisol levels and cause us to want to binge eat or eat fatty foods. With eating dining hall food, it isn’t always easy to eat the best way we can all the time, but it is good to make sure we are getting the right amount of fruits and vegetables in our diets. We should also be getting a healthy amount of carbohydrates and filling up on protein. Sweets and fatty foods are great in moderation. In order to feel our best, we need to fuel our bodies the right way.

Focus On Yourself

A lot of the time, we are more focused on our social lives, especially social media. We all need to detox once and awhile. A lot of that stuff causes us to focus on negatives and worry about useless information. We need to worry about what we need. We need positivity. We need to get back to loving who we are. Social media is amazing… for short periods of time. To challenge ourselves, let’s all take the hour we are sitting on social media and try to do something more productive.

These methods might not get rid of your stress and anxiety but they sure will help. We can all use a little unwinding once and a while anyways!

Hey everyone! Thank you for reading my article! I'm Madison, a sophomore here at URI! I am a kinesiology major on a premed track!
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