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6 Ways to Deal With Feeling Overwhelmed

With the semester in full swing, it is easy to let stress pile up and get to you. Assignments build, exams are constant, and every club you are a part of needs all of your time. On top of everything school demands of us, we have to balance our personal lives as well. So often, students feel as though there simply are not enough hours in the day. When these feelings are abundant, don’t forget to take care of yourself and find a technique that helps you to get back in control. These six tips are a great way to start managing the stress and overwhelming emotions that come with being a college student.

Deep Breaths

When that first wave of panic starts to set in, take a few seconds and just breathe. Clear your head and remember that you can do this.

Make a Cup of Tea

When the work is piling up and you can’t seem to focus, get up and make a cup of tea. When your brain is in overdrive it can be so helpful to have a simple task to focus on. Then you can settle back in and get to work with a warm drink to motivate you.

Vent Sesh

It’s not always about school. Personal lives, relationships, the future, or homesickness can cause any student to become overwhelmed. When these emotions hit, grab your bestie for a chat. Letting it out and voicing your emotions can make all the difference. If you aren’t comfortable sharing with someone, grab a journal and put your thoughts on paper. Any way to get out of your head for a bit is progress.

Focus on One Thing at a Time

It is so easy to let your brain wander as you are working. However, if you start to think about your exam in another class while you are completing homework for an entirely different course, you won’t get anywhere. When you are working on a task, focus on just that one. Once you finish it you can move onto the next thing.

Break Down Tasks

As the to-do list grows, so does the stress. Looking at all the items in your planner that have yet to be checked off can be a really disheartening feeling. When it seems too much, it’s easy to want to give up but by breaking things down into manageable chunks, it becomes that much easier to see more things crossed off on your list. Accomplishing the first bit will give you your sense of accomplishment and motivation back and soon you’ll be making progress again.

Ask For Help

While it may seem simple, asking for help can be intimidating for many. As college students, it can be difficult to admit when we are struggling. Even though it is a challenge, it is one of the most rewarding and best ways you can advocate for yourself. College campuses typically have many resources to help students from tutoring centers to counseling and therapists. Even clubs and organizations can help connect you to what will be helpful.

It's easier said than done, but try these tips the next time you're feeling overwhelmed and see if they help!

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