A Single Girl’s Guide to Self-Care

“La soledad me ha enseñado que el tiempo me pertenece y que el silencio es sabio.” -Hablando Sola

Being single is hard, but being sad about it is worse. Why not own it? Since the beginning of time, we, as women, have been taught that if we have a partner, we have value. The princesses we look up to, our strong post-apocalyptic heroines (ie: Katniss Everdeen) and even almost all the pop anthems we love, as much as it hurts to admit, are all about the power one finds with a partner. Now, there’s nothing wrong with liking all of that, but it’s time we agree that society has put us in this box. It’s time to change that. To all my single ladies out there, you don’t have to put a ring on it to define yourself as the wonderful human being you are. Give yourself a little TLC! Here are some things you could do for yourself, by yourself. Because sometimes, being in your own company is all you need.


1. Learn something new.

Learn how to draw, learn how to knit, heck if you have to call the fire department each time you cook, learn how to cook! If you are partaking the journey of culinary cuisine, Binging with Babish is a good start! Feeling hopeless when confronted with make-up? Check out Brianna Fox’sHow To Tutorials” playlist. Think about it, we’re here on this planet for a long time and sometimes we learn so little, it’s unfortunate; yet each time we learn something new, we experience a sense of fulfillment. Now, isn’t that nice?


2. Go on a date (by yourself!).

Doing something alone takes a lot of self-discipline since we’re so used to being connected to our social lives in some shape or form. But going somewhere on your own really builds up that independence. Log out of your social media and take a step out into the real world. Go out somewhere, like a library or a public park, preferably during the day (Please go during the day). There’s nothing more calming than going to a park and watching those around you, becoming aware of how precious life is... Bonus points if you get to pet puppies. Try it, we’re sure you’ll find joy in it.


3. Out with the old and in with the new

Grab an empty bag or box and go to your room. Now, open your closet and all your drawers, and throw out or donate everything you don’t need and use. It’s like being reborn. Each moment you pick an item, memories start to flow, then somehow you find yourself confronting your past, it’s time to tell your past self that everything will be ok. You shall rise from the ashes like a phoenix and start fresh. There’s also the fact that by donating your things you’ll be giving them to someone who needs them more. A win-win situation.


4. Spend quality time with yourself

Now, there’s this misunderstanding going on that women dress well and put makeup on for their partners or for attention. Prove them wrong. Paint your nails, do something new to your hair, put makeup on for no reason or have a spa day. Take this time to reflect on who you are as a person, identify the things that will let allow you to grow as an individual. Just do it for yourself, not for others.


5. Write a letter to your future self

Tell her how you feel and felt during your journey. Comfort her and tell her you are here for her no matter what. That everything will be okay. One wonderful example is our article “To My Future Self” by Ana Teresa Solá. Just grab a pen and paper, and write.


Always remember, it’s okay to be single. Don’t feel discouraged; there’s no rush. Just because the people around you have their S.O, it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you. Something as important as love takes time, you can’t rush it. Also, remember that you must learn to accept and love yourself before you love others. The red string of fate will find its end someday, no matter what end it’s tied to.

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