To My Future Self


To whom this may concern,


Life happened again and you’re scrambling to find comfort. I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to cry. If someone hurt you and you’re hard-headed like me, don’t think you’re crying for that person, because they don’t deserve your tears. It’s okay to mourn yourself. Let it all go and make sure it’s enough for you to never cry again. Once you’re done, dry off your cheeks and eyelids.

Accept the past; don’t try to ignore it. That memory is a part of you, and what you decide to do with it is entirely your call. I advise you to use it as a tool, and make yourself stronger and wiser. Never surrender your character to anyone.


If it was out of your control, let it be. If it was their fault, you decide whether to forgive. I’ll eventually forgive because nobody has the right to claim perfection as an asset. We all screw up—it’s part of humanity. If cutting that person out of your life is a necessity, go ahead. You’ll eventually drift apart if it’s meant to be that way. Life finds a way to stir things unexpectedly and you never know where you’ll end up. Take that natural flow to your advantage and just let them go.

This is a forgiveness letter. Forgive yourself for screwing up and forgive them for their faults. Not for the sake of them, but for yourself. Don’t waste time and energy holding onto the hate and pain they caused. Let it go and breathe. The hard part of every ending is starting over again. Prove them all wrong: you’re not weak. Prove your loved ones right: you’re a warrior.

This is a love letter. Love and care for yourself first.

It will all be okay,


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