Quarantine Has Helped Me Rediscover Myself

With the spread of COVID-19, the majority of the world's population has succumbed to lockdown. Whether you're going through quarantine with a loved one or on your own, this experience has undoubtedly made us spend some quality time with ourselves. I had never dedicated so much time to myself, and the results have been ever-changing. While practicing healthy solitude, quarantine has helped me rediscover myself. Here are some activities and reflections that have supported my growth!

Guided Meditation

At the beginning of quarantine, I took part in a guided meditation challenge called 21 Days of Abundance of The Chopra Center. I've always been eager to meditate regularly, and lockdown seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. My sessions consisted of journaling and listening to the spiritual guidance of Deepak Chopra. I completed day one, and with that first twenty-minute session of peace and reflection, I already felt a great sense of relief and renewal.

I learned so much about my virtues, my insecurities, my weaknesses, my potential, and so much more. I was unaware of the burdens that I was carrying and the gifts that I shared with the world. This challenge helps you understand and acknowledge all the blessings in your life, like people, activities that make you happy, prosperity, dreams, aspirations, material things, joy, gratitude, and of course: you.

If you're interested in this guided meditation, check out the video below!

Guided meditations can help us understand and love ourselves more deeply. It's necessary to learn and cherish our bodies and mind to do the same for others. I highly recommend daily meditation to set a tone of tranquility throughout your day and to rediscover yourself in a personal way.




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After finishing the meditation challenge, I still felt compelled and motivated to keep up with journaling. You can journal about pretty much anything. I worked on self-esteem guided journaling, which helped me realize how much the desire to judge dictates our everyday life and how this can have adverse effects on our minds and self-development. This activity also helped me change the negative views that I had about myself. These are thoughts that tend to come naturally to us but can affect us gravely, so working on how I perceive myself helped change my perspective and improve my self-confidence.

I also engaged in a simple journaling technique of writing three things that I am grateful for each day. This method made me realize how many things there are to be thankful for in life. Lastly, I worked on creative journaling. This one has been a lot of fun, and it's more laid-back than the other ones. It mainly consists of painting, cutting, and pasting images, drawings, and writings creatively, which is perfect for all artsy types!

Journaling has become a part of my daily life, in which I dedicate time to write about myself, and at the same time, learn about myself. It's a peaceful activity that's open to creativity and reflection. There are no limits to what you can journal about!




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The number of hobbies that I began and continued during lockdown has been enormous. I made a list of things that I've wanted to do or that I hadn't done in a while. For instance, reading, playing video games, binge-watching movies, exercising, drawing, writing, playing instruments, journaling, painting, and more! I've been amazed by all the activities I can do that help me grow and make me happy. Engaging in these hobbies has helped me get a clear sense of which ones I like most and how each one complements my personality.

Mainly, I grew fond of making a bucket list notebook. It took time to divide it into categories, like travel, skills, charity, health, career, etc., but I have completed it. I think everybody should create one because it keeps your goals mapped down, and it can motivate you to start pursuing them. Bucket lists can help you discover what you want to experience and what different hobbies you want to explore, helping you engage in actually living, rather than just existing.

What can I take from spending so much time with myself?

After spending so much time with myself, I can proudly say that I have loved it! It has been a valuable experience so far. Of course, being the introvert that I am, it comes naturally to a certain extent. Many of us might not be accustomed to spending organic and genuine time with ourselves. However, whether you're a person that enjoys spending time with people or being on your own, using this quarantine to recharge and get to know yourself can be life-changing.

Staring at your cellphone for more than an hour does not count, as tempting as it may be! A moment with your thoughts, a moment to reflect on yourself as a being that is part of a grand universe, is more helpful than you might think. I highly recommend these practices and taking this time, now more than ever, to create a loving relationship with yourself! It can ease up stress and welcome a positive and beautiful attitude towards yourself and life.