How to Survive a Family Gathering

Thanksgiving is next week. This leads to the inevitable. Everyone is asking about your love life, about how your university life is going, about what you plan to do in the future. Your answers to these questions are:

1. Love life? Don't know her (which is a cover up for the fact that you let a named Greg ruin your life)

2. Everything is on fire, but that's fine.

3. My future consists of adding the latest Netflix releases to my List.

So, yeah, family gatherings can be pretty emotionally taxing. Worry not! We have some tips to keep you covered.


1. Run.

We literally mean, just run. Someone asks you a question? Bolt up, and run out the door. The plus side? You'll be swimming in endorphins.


2. Smile! matter how uncomfortable the situation is, smile your way through.

No matter how uncomfortable you might feel the situation is, smile. Just keep smiling. Your cheeks are starting to hurt? Keep. Smiling.


3. Listen to the family drama.


4. Wear headphones.

Make eye contact while you insert the headphone into your ears. Then, hit play. I highly recommend you listen to Trench by Twenty One Pilots.


5. Take a nap.

You can't deal with people's BS if you're asleep!


6. Take deep breaths.

Let's put that one yoga class you took that one time to use!


7. If you have a sibling, look at them with the eyes of OMG, when it's a weird/awkward/funny situation.

We fight, yes, but we also roast everyone else in the family. It evens out.



Last of all, have fun. No matter how dramatic the situation might feel, your family is asking because they want to get to you in the best way they know how (probably). You gotta admit, we love our crazy families.

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