What I Learned Over Summer Vacation is......

Change isn’t always bad, but it’s not easy. At least not for me. There’s nothing like thinking you’ve got everything figured out and the universe aggressively doing its own thing. Of course not every change is bad, sometimes something that you never expected comes out of nowhere and brings you more joy than you could’ve ever imagined. Whatever the case is learning to accept change it paramount. If you don’t you’re going to spend a lot of time crying over spilled milk. So, get out there and put on your big girl panties or big boy boxers and tackle every change because life’s like a box of chocolates, right? 


Life is a highway; full of potholes. But sometimes it’s the highway right after traffic breaks up and you can finally speed though the lanes without interruption. The only issue with that is we don’t get to choose which one we're going through at the moment. Now I don’t want to get all “cliché Pinterest quote” on you, but my best advice on the advice is to “bloom where you are planted”. It’s easy to flourish when everything’s going your way, but when times are tough it’s harder and more important than ever to thrive. 


You are your own best friend. Don’t get me wrong I love my #squad just as much as the next girl, but relying on others for happiness, joy, or esteem can only lead to disappointment because in the end all you have is you. Let me tell you it is beyond hard trying get comfortable with being alone, at first it always feels kind of empty and well…alone. But, alone time doesn’t have to be boring; there’s lots of things you can do! Fall in love with your favorite book all over again. Turn on your music and crank it all the way up, cook a romantic meal for one, or if you really want to get your Zen on try some meditation or yoga! In the end you’ll thank yourself for making a new life-long friend; after all who else will be able to give you a judgment-free zone, even in your darkest hours? And who else will dance around your bedroom with you in your underwear and shrug it off when you (don’t) hit all those way-too-high notes? Little ol’ you.