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College Guide: How to Get Through Depression in College

Here’s My Story:

My very first day of college, which was the orientation period (this was before I attended UNT) was the start of my depression.

Every freshman at the school I was attending was required to participate in a series of freshman activities that were meant for us to become better acquainted with the university. This included learning the history, spirit songs, class dances, etc. — But I had to miss that along with the first week of classes because of the death of my grandmother and aunt who unfortunately died within hours of each other.

The next major events that added to my depression was the murder of my cousin and death of my uncle, and recently, the passing of my father.

At this point I honestly felt numb and confused. It was like I was incomplete and I really didn’t know how to feel for a long time, but I’m moving forward. My experiences forced me to “roll with the punches” per say  because it’s what I had to do for my sanity.

My Message for You:

Depression is not racist nor sexist. No person is exempt from dealing with the side effects of a depressing moment or situation.

My definition? I think that depression is a disorder that is evidenced by excessive sadness, loss of interest in enjoyable things, and low motivation. It is common because one in three people will experience a major depressive episode at some stage in their lives. Most cases of depression are mild, but some do experience moderate to severe episodes. To maintain mental healthiness, I want any student dealing with depression to seek help from friends, family, and professionals because avoiding your feelings will only make it worst. It important to remember seeking help is fine and is a great method of self love.

Below is a link to UNT’S counseling services that are bound to help improve your health and make life a little easier to deal with through extreme stress.

Stay strong!


Hey I'm Chas! Currently I am a senior at the University of North Texas that anticipates to graduate this May with a B.A. in public relations and minor in social sciences. I am a free spirit who has a strong passion for music, beauty (hair), and community service. I also love to write my heart out on whatever inspires me. One day I hope to inspire others through the lyrics I write for myself and others because I hope to become a singer song writer. 
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