5 affirmations that will change your life

In the thick of life's appointments, study groups and daily routines I often find myself going through the motions and only existing to accomplish goals. Sometimes it takes manually speaking positivity into my life to really feel present. So, a few weeks ago I began writing affirmations on the mirror I read to myself every morning while I get ready for the day. Here are five affirmations that, if used daily, will change your outlook on life and improve your mental health. 

  1. 1. I am whole

    It does not matter what your relationship status is, or what your social circle looks like. You must be confident in your ability to thrive on your own and for many people that requires a conscious effort. Intentionally point out your strengths and think of how you can improve on your weaknesses. Remind yourself daily —no matter what you may be struggling with, you are whole and you are all you need.

  2. 2. I am capable

    Considering the hell-storm 2020 has been, it can be tough to see your own strength. Lean on friends and family as a support system when you are struggling, but do not forget to remind yourself you can handle what is on your plate. You have persevered through all of life's challenges so far, and your ability to do so is all your own.

  3. 3. I am focused

    Woman reading a book on the couch

    The racial and political climate, Zoom fatigue and the ever-evolving pandemic has made it hard to remain steadfast in one's goals. Many people find themselves questioning the point of grades and work. Nevertheless, use this affirmation to remind yourself you must hone in on what you can control. 

  4. 4. I am grateful

    For most people, life is far from perfect. Wallowing in what could be or how life was so much better this time last year will only cause bitterness and complacency to grow within your soul. It has been said many times, but counting your blessings is essential to having a positive mindset. Since you cannot change life instantaneously, you might as well accept and be grateful for the simple things in life as you work toward a better future.

  5. 5. I am beautiful

    Finally, do not forget to remind yourself of your inescapable beauty. Reflect inwardly on every battle you fought and won, every trial you have overcome, every person you have forgiven — even when they did not deserve it. Account for your outward beauty as well. Recall the way your hair falls on your shoulders or how it reaches up toward the sky to be closer to the sun. Appreciate your body and how it gets you through each day.

Affirmations are proven to improve mental health, and I hope these five affirmations I use on a daily basis are helpful as you navigate life and work toward your goals.