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This Saturday as I stood with my uncle waiting to root for my parents in the Culinaria Wine and Beer run, a woman offered me an extra bib she had. With my uncle’s prompting, I decided to take it (mostly because I got free food after the event). And now I have my tips on running an impromptu 5k.


Make sure you’re wearing tennis shoes

The easiest thing is to make sure you are wearing good shoes. Since I do not have running shoes, I wore my only tennis shoes to the event since I would be walking around the event. Running in heels for 3.1 miles would be awful and painful, so if you aren’t wearing good shoes, don’t run.


Wear something you can move in

As a given, running in a dress is not really going to work. Skinny jeans are not ideal, but from experience, it can work. And a nice loose shirt. So, if you are attending any 5K, wear something moveable in case you get the chance to run it.


Try not to die

Running in humidity and skinny jeans aren’t perfect, but it is possible. Make sure to get water and stay hydrated, and pace yourself. Be mindful of the heat since your clothes aren’t the best for running.


Have an Experience

My name is Dawn. I am 47 and placed 78th in my age group. I had a blast running and encouraging my mother as we ran. We had a good pace and now I have a very interesting story to tell about the impromptu 5K I ran. I also got free food from the went since I had a bib.

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