How to Get Through Your First Exams

This part of the semester has its ups and downs for sure. Everyone is still getting settled in their new classes and getting to know the people who sit around them. It can be fun. But now it’s that dreaded time where the first exams start rolling in and things go downhill fast. Am I the only one who think the first exams are the worst ever? Well don’t be so hard on yourself and follow these tips for how to push through.

1.Don’t Stress Out 

Cramming and freaking the freak out is just going to overload your brain and probably make you forget everything you just tried to study. (This has happened to me a time or two.) So just do the best you can with what you got and learn from there.

 2. Catch some Z’s

Sleep is insanely important in order to feel refreshed and ready for exams. Also studies show that if you take naps after studying material you are more opt to remembering what you just looked over. Plus, sleep is a beautiful thing that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

3. Treat Yourself

After that exam you deserve the goldest of stars to put up on your metaphorical board of life. So go reward yourself in any way that you love. Whether that be buying a cute top you have had your eye on online or downing a cinnamon roll at Hurts Donuts. You do you because you deserve it dammit.

Just remember that test scores don’t define your intelligence in any way. Everyone has their own skills and strengths and that’s what makes us freakin’ awesome as human beings. So whether you study your noodle off or don’t study at all, just remember that you’re valuable. (The cheesiness in this article is alive and well).