How to (Pretend to) Be an Adult

We all know adulting can be hard. You begin to be independent and balance a million things. I know it can get overwhelming and scary. Here are 5 adutling things everyone struggles with, and how to work through them (kinda) like a real adult. 

1. Shopping for your own food + feeding yourself.

It's hard not having your mother buy you your groceries or serving 5-course meals for you anymore.  It may seem like a nightmare, but it's completely manageable. Resist the temptation to order out for every meal and go grocery shopping! Only get what you need and try to buy healthy food. When in doubt, watch Tasty videos to help you out. 

2. Managing money when you're broke. 

Don't let money control your life. Control your money! If you're working part time, full time, or not at all make yourself a budget and stick to it. Life will be a little less stressful when you have extra money.

3. Cleaning + doing laundry.

Raise your hand if you hate cleaning or doing laundry? I guarantee that you will feel more like a disaster if you leave these chores hanging.  Take the time to do your laundry and clean up once in a while. The more it piles up means the more you will dread doing it. Once it's done, you will really feel accomplished for the day (or week). 

4. Getting a job, interviewing, working, and interning - yikes. 

Probably one the scariest thing you will have to do when adulting. Going into your first interview or internship is terrifying, especially if you feel clueless and unqualified. 

No matter how your first experience goes, remember to stay professional, polite, and learn from your mistakes. This experience is more valuable than anything you'll learn in the classroom. Also, it will help build your resume and potentially get you a real adult job. 

5. Feeling like you need your parents 24/7.

There are still some things that we need our parents for. If you find yourself calling your parents to ask for your social security number, why your car is making that noise, or how to file your taxes, it's okay. Everyone needs help in adulting and our parents are the perfect people to turn to. 

Remember no matter how lost and confused you get, just know that all of us are in the same boat. Put your big girl pants on and fake it until you make it!