50 Things To Do When You Are Bored


2. Do yoga or stretch

3. Watch Netflix

4. Go to the gym

5. Take a nap

6. Brush and floss your teeth

7. Go for a drive

8. Online “window” shop

9. Organize your closet

10. Do a full face of makeup and take selfies

11. Paint your nails

12. Make some popcorn

13. Take a bath

14. Do a face mask

15. Listen to throwback jams

16. Go for a walk

17. Call your grandma

18. Do a puzzle

19. Clean out unwanted photos and apps on your phone

21. Curl/ straighten your hair

22. Read a book for fun

23. Try on and create new and cute outfits

24. Meditate

25. Bake some cookies

26. Paint

27. Make a new playlist

28. Write a poem

29. Practice winged eyeliner

30. Read your horoscope

31. Have a photoshoot

32. Make detox water

33. Take a Buzzfeed quiz

34. Play solitaire

35. Watch Vine compilations

36. Moisturize and exfoliate

37. Practice walking in heels

38. Learn how to knit

39. Cut up old T-shirts to make crop tops

40. Look up pictures of baby animals in costumes

41. Write a letter to your future self

42. Reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while

43. Watch a documentary

44. Start brainstorming holiday/ birthday gifts for friends and family

45. Learn some card tricks

46. Doodle/sketch to heavy metal or classical music

47. Make yourself a mug of hot chocolate

48. Customize random things online to make your own designs

49. Clean and wipe down your microwave and fridge

50. Wash your sheets and pillowcases