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5 Ways to Stay Stress-Free During Finals Week

As the end of the Spring semester approaches, so does finals week. It’s usually a very stressful time for everyone on college campuses. Libraries are full, everyone’s studying, and the line at the local coffee shops is out the door. Remaining stress-free is difficult during this week - but not impossible. Here are five things you can do to keep your cool as we reach the end of another school year:

1. Go for a walk.

I’ve found that a good way for me to de-stress is to listen to some music and go for a walk around campus. Since it’s Spring now, the weather is nice and the trees are blooming. Not only is taking a walk a nice way to clear your mind, but it’s also peaceful and allows you to connect with nature.

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2. Take breaks often.

Never overwork yourself. Although studying for finals is important, it’s even more important to take frequent breaks in between to avoid burnout. Set an alarm on your phone every 30 minutes or so and make sure you’re drinking enough water, eating a snack, and doing whatever is most relaxing for you before you go back to studying.

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3. Don’t procrastinate.

You heard me! Although I’m definitely guilty of this, procrastinating is not the way to go. No one likes being stressed out at the last minute trying to cram a bunch of information into their brains right before a final, so why do that to yourself? Make sure you give yourself enough time to study and don’t put it off until the night before.

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4. Ask for help.

If you’re feeling stuck and confused while studying for finals, ask a friend to help you. If you have a friend in the same class, even better! Make study guides together, swap notes, quiz each other. You’ll find that studying together is actually a lot more fun than doing it by yourself.

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5. Check in with yourself.

Mental health will always be more important than finals. Make sure that you’re prioritizing your wellbeing and mental health over everything else. Check-in with yourself often and if you don’t feel like you’re in a good spot mentally, take care of yourself first before worrying about studying again.

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