15 Moods for When College is Killing You Slowly

Your mood when...

1. You reach hour 6 of studying without taking any breaks


2. You realize that you're probably going to fail even if you pull an all-nighter because you just don't know the material

3. You inevitably get distracted and know you should keep working but you honestly can't do it anymore

4. You fall into bed after a long day of (barely) studying because it was just *so* exhausting

5. You email your professor to ask for an extension on that paper that you totally had time to do but you wasted all of it watching Netflix instead


6. Your friends say "Hey! Let's go study in the library!"


7. You're sitting in your room watching your friends get ready to go out on a Friday but you have be responsible and study


8. You have no more brain capacity left to keep going but you haven't finished studying yet

9. You get your grade back for that exam that you thought you aced but were VERY wrong


10. You accept that this semester is going to kill your GPA but it's fine


11. You get distracted by literally anything else because you are determined to procrastinate even longer

12. You are drowning in assignments but no matter how much you do, you can't get ahead of it


13. You realize that you may have gone too far with your procrastination this time

14. Your parents call and ask how the semester is going


15. You realize that it might actually be time to reevaluate your study habits... actually no, it's hopeless...