I Stopped Drinking Caffeine for Two Months and This is What Happened

Yes, I know, by the title of this article, I DID quit caffeine. Is it even possible for a college senior to cut caffeine all together? Well, I'm here to tell you that avoiding caffeine has been a huge step towards a healthier lifestyle for myself. Here's what happened after quitting caffeine for almost two and a half months.

1. My anxiety has improved

After cutting out coffee and soda from my diet, I have noticed a huge difference in how frequent and severe my anxiety symtoms get throughout the day. It took about 2 weeks to notice a difference, but wow, what a difference it was. I can finally wake up without a tight chest and constant worries of what I need to accomplish. A clear mind is the best result I have taken away since quitting caffeine.

2. Better sleep 

This coincides with my my first point in that without anxiety, I can rest without insomnia. I had pretty bad insomnia towards the beginning of the year which effected almost every aspect of my health and well-being, both physically and mentally. I would hghly recommend, if you aren't already, to get at least 8 hours of sleep. I understand that it may be very hard during college, or you simply may not want to, but it greatly affects your bodily functions and mental health. 


3. Better Focus

After saying "goodbye caffeine", I have gained much sharper and clearer memory as well as being able to focus better. As you can imagine, this has in end, helped boost my grades and make doing homework much easier and quicker. 

4. No more jitters

Whenever I used to drink soda or coffee, I would get strong jitters and overall nervousness. It ironically prevented me from relaxing and being productive, something people usually drink caffeine for. Without caffeine, I haven't had jitters or unessecary anxiousness, which has improved my mental health tremendously. 


In conclusion, quitting caffeine has been everything and more for my health and something I plan to continue to cut from my life. Give it a try and challenge yourself to be healthier.