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Fitspos That Will Get You Off Your A**!

Did your New Year’s resolution include the phrases “healthy lifestyle,”  “losing weight,” “working out” or “getting fit”? If so, chances are you have either A: achieved, or are well on your way to achieving, your goal or B: have totally lost steam and motivation to stick to a diet or workout plan because you have hit a “losing weight” or “getting fit” wall. If you are type A, then congratulations! If you are type B, like me, you need some inspiration to get back on track! Here a few of my favorite fitness inspirations you should definitely check out:


1)   Cassey Ho

Who is She?

She is a certified fitness instructor, the creator of POP Pilates and designer of oGorgeous Bags.  Cassey teaches POP Pilates in East LA, runs the Blogilates YouTube account, blog and clothing website and has won multiple awards for her contributions to the fitness community, including the Shorty Award for #SocialFitness, Best Healthy Living Blogger of 2012 by FITNESS magazine and is second to Julian Michaels as the most influential online personality by Sharecare.

Why do I find her inspirational?

Did you not just read all the things this woman does for a living? Instead of pursing medicine with her degree in honors Biology, she chose to make her passion her career. Healthy living and helping other people live healthy lifestyles is what she loves to do. Her blog and YouTube videos give you everything you need to start your fitness journey or find new ways to continue your journey when you lose your motivation. My roommate introduced to Blogilates when we started working out together and I’m so glad she did. When we don’t feel like going the extra mile that day at the gym, we just check out one of her videos or workout printables and immediately find the energy to complete the workout with Cassey. She is one of my fitness inspiration because healthy isn’t just her career, or a hobby, it’s her lifestyle.

Follow her via:

Instagram: @Blogilates

Snapchat: Blogilates

Twitter: @Blogilates

Pinterest: Cassey Ho

YouTube: Blogilates

Website: http://www.blogilates.com


2)   TwoBadBodies

Who are they?

Certified person trainers Kaisa and Jennifer, developed a way for their clients to achieve their fitness goals without mentally and physically damaging their bodies. The two met in college and ran track together. Kaisa earned her a Masters in Exercise Science, while Jennifer became a certified nutritionist through NASM after graduation.

Why do I find them inspirational?

I first followed these ladies on Instagram because of their fabulous abs. Just looking at how lean and beautiful they are is motivation enough. However, after following for a short time I stopped scrolling past their insta-videos and watched a few. My first thought was “wow these girls are BEASTS!” These women make some of the hardest moves look effortless. I did more research on the duo and found workout videos on Youtube and the Codyapp, which I didn’t know existed until recently. They walk you through their workouts and are not as intimidating as many workout videos can be. These ladies are fitness inspirations because they don’t make working out seem like a dreadful task.

Follow them via:

Instagram: @Twobadbodies

Twitter: @Twobadbodies

Pinterest: @Twobadbodies

Codyapp: Twobfit


3)   Yoga With Adriene

Who is she?

Besides being a yoga instructor, Adriene is also an actress and performance teacher. She is a Texas native who believes that “yoga is the art of waking up,” and offers several different ways to experience her style of yoga. You can search for her videos on YouTube (as I do every Saturday morning), visit her website where online yoga classes are offered, or if you are lucky enough to be in Texas, you could catch one of her classes face-to-face!

Why do I find her inspirational?

Seriously, after you complete one of her yoga videos you will be hooked. Adriene is hilarious and guides you through the sequences so gracefully that you wish the video lasted a lifetime. Her YouTube channel offers a wide variety of yoga levels and types like beginner to advanced yoga, morning or night yoga, power or relaxing yoga…the list is really never ending. She is one of my fitness inspirations because I look forward to meeting her on the mat every Saturday morning!

Follow her via:

Instagram: @adrienelouise

Twitter: @Yogawithadriene

YouTube: Yoga With Adriene

Website: http://yogawithadriene.com






Brittany is a freshman at UNCW. She is majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in English. Brittany enjoys the beach, reading, and working out. 
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