Baby Got Back

Summer is quickly approaching, and we have added on the pressure to look good by going to a beach school. Glutes are often a concern, but one can only do so many lunges and squats! What other exercised are there to do? Try out these easy floor exercises that also target your buttocks!

"Side Leg Raise"

Lay on one side with both legs extended. Slowly lift the top leg up and down. Make sure to point your toes as you lift the leg up, and keep the tow flexed and open as the leg goes back down. Do this for 30 seconds. For higher intensity, this exercise can be done in increments. Quickly pulse the leg up six inches and back down to the other leg for 10 seconds. Then, pulse the leg up and down in the middle for 10 seconds without letting the top leg ever touch the bottom leg. Finally, with your legs forming a 90 degree angle, pulse the top leg. Again, the top leg should not touch the bottom leg. In each of these intervals, your top leg should only be covering a six-inch span, this is why the two legs touch only in the first 10 second interval. Do this on both sides to make sure you get both cheeks!


Lay on one side with your legs not fully extended, but bent slightly at an angle. Only your top leg should move, and it will open and close like a door. Your foot will stay in the same spot, acting as a door hinge. Do this for 30 seconds on each side.

"Hip Extensions"

Position yourself on all fours. Extend your leg up, keeping the 90 degree angle, then bring your knee back down to the floor. Try 25 reps on one leg before switching to the other leg. For added intensity, secure a dumbbell weight in the joint where your leg and thigh meet.


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