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12 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Working Out

College is the prime-time to eat fast food, drink too much sugary coffee, and sit on your couch with your laptop and study. That means that many of us have to force ourselves to go to the gym at least a time or two to make ourselves feel a little active. (And, no, thinking about working out doesn't count.) Chances are you've probably had some of these thoughts run through your head while at the gym:

1.  I’m going to have such a killer workout today, I’m gonna stay here for as long as I can!



2.       I hear people laughing. Are they laughing at me? Do I  have a wedgie? Am I running funny?


3.       1.3 miles! I should start training for a half marathon! I LOVE RUNNING!

4.       I’ve only gone a mile and a half... okay maybe I’ll just go for five more minutes. Okay, three. I hate running.


5.       Ugh I had class with that guy. Don’t make eye contact, don’t make—ugh! Too late.


6.       I hope I don’t see anyone else I know. I look like a wild animal right now.



7. Alright let's lift some weights! Wait, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ll just put these back.


8.   What am I going to buy at the grocery store after this? I want to start eating healthy food.


9.   OMG speaking of food, i’m starving. I’m leaving.

10.   That was such a good work out. I am totally going back tomorrow! And every day this week!


11.   I’m pretty sure I already notice results.


Next Day:

12.       Yeah, no.

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