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10 TV Gifs That Describe What It’s Like to Have Anxiety

Anxiety is not a joke, people. 

Except when you’re joking about it. Don’t get me wrong, you should take anxiety very seriously and seek support and/or professional help if you need it. However, sometimes you’re just so exhausted after a long day of kicking anxiety’s butt that you need a good laugh, amirite? One of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling down about my own struggles is to look at some good ‘ole fashioned memes. (Ah, memes. You’re always there when we need you).

So, if it’s one of those days when life seems to be getting the better of you (or you just need some humor in your life), please enjoy these gifs from a few of my favorite shows that perfectly describe what it’s like to have anxiety.

When you think everything is OK and then your brain is like, “But what if it’s not?”:

There’s nothing quite like anxiety to remind you that the world is ending.

When someone takes more than 5 seconds to reply to your text/email and you’re convinced that everyone hates you and you’ll die alone:

No, everything is fine! I’ll just crawl into this hole and live out my years alone.

When you think, “Hmm, maybe I won’t worry about anything today!” and your brain is like:

That chill vibe was nice while it lasted.

When you’ve been having a good day and then the thought of literally anything going wrong randomly shows up like:

Brb, just remembered that brain aneurysms and cancer and armed robberies exist.

When everything is fine and the next minute you’re having a panic attack in the bathroom and people are looking at you like:

Nothing to see here.

When you’re in class or a meeting or literally anywhere and your anxious thoughts are like:

Dear anxiety: can you just like, chill for a sec?

When someone asks how you’re doing and you’re just like:

Where do I even begin?

When you try to explain that post-anxiety depression phase that happens after a hard day:

Don’t we all, Meredith. Don’t we all.

When someone tells you to not be nervous about something:

Wow, I’ve never thought to try that before!

And finally, when you remind yourself that your best is enough and you’re killin’ the game:

Now go out there and slay, fam!

[Photo and gifs courtesy of unsplash.com and giphy.com]

Elena is a friendly senior at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She is currently majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Spanish. When she's not in class or napping, you can catch Elena working out at the gym, binge-watching medical dramas, or indulging her caffeine addiction at a local coffee shop.
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