My 30 Day Yoga Journey

My goal for 2019 is to live a healthier lifestyle; this includes working out, eating right and drinking plenty of water. But there's only one problem: I don’t want to spend what little time I have in my schedule sweating in a gym around strangers. This posed a huge problem for my new, active lifestyle. I wondered how I could get all the health benefits of working out without actually having to work out. Then it hit me: I could try yoga! I had always read about the positive impacts of yoga on the body and how it doesn’t always have to be as intense as running or lifting weights. Not only is it a good way to wake yourself up in the morning, but it’s also is a great stress reliever (which will come in handy as an overwhelmed student) and it extends your flexibility tremendously.

I thought that YouTube would be the best way to practice yoga since I don’t have the time or the money to take classes from professionals. This way I could go at my own pace and explore the different types of yoga to get exactly what I want out of it. I found a channel that had over 400 yoga videos with a variety of purposes, poses and difficulties. The channel is “Yoga with Adriene” and the yoga instructor, Adriene, is quirky and super easy to follow. I recommend checking out her channel if you, too, are interested in taking up yoga as a hobby.

I decided to start out my practice with her “30 Days of Yoga.” Each day has a new video that explores the different realms of yoga. For example, day nine is “Full Potential Detox Practice,” while day 11 is “Shakti Yoga Practice.” I wanted to document how I felt through this 30-day experience so I could see in the end if it helped me and how. Every five days I logged any noticeable changes in my mood, appetite, sleeping pattern and everything in between.

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Day 5: Since starting my first day of yoga, I have found that I am more awake and mindful after my practice. We are instructed in the videos to set goals for the day and take time to get away from the stress we may be feeling. This has helped me to get more done in the day without feeling weighed down by my long to-do lists.

Day 10: After ten days, my appetite has changed quite a bit. I used to have trouble eating full meals because I was always hungry at the wrong times; therefore I was constantly snacking and never felt full. Now after yoga, I eat a big meal and I don’t get hungry for about another four hours. I know this may seem like a silly thing to be bothered by, but this is a big improvement for me and I’m glad to finally be on a normal eating schedule.

Day 15: As of day 15, I am feeling super motivated to start my days after practicing yoga and I am starting to notice how much more flexible I am becoming! When I started, I was a little embarrassed that I wasn’t able to move and bend as much as the instructor, but with a little time and patience, I am now able to go even deeper into my stretches. I like that every morning I feel a little sore from the day before because it shows my commitment and progress.

Day 20: I don’t really feel anything new, except that I am feeling super happy and optimistic, which could be for any number of reasons. I have been sleeping all through the night without tossing and turning. I also have been enjoying the nice energizer in the mornings before I start my busy school day. Yoga is the perfect way to begin my mornings!

Day 25: There are no noticeable changes since day 20, but I am still feeling good. My energy is still heightened and I am still loving every moment of it!

Day 30: Today marks an entire month of yoga and I feel terrific! Before trying yoga, I was always lethargic and mornings were the worst part of my day. Now I actually look forward to waking up (crazy, right?). Doing even a small amount of physical activity every day compared to what I was doing has made a big impact.  Plus, my flexibility has improved even more since day 15.

After trying it for 30 days, I have decided to make more time in my schedule for yoga. I have been exploring Adriene’s different morning videos and a few that are done right before bed. I am really pleased with how great I feel after doing just 30 days of simple and doable yoga practices. If you are looking for an easy workout, something to improve your health or even just a fun hobby, then I highly recommend giving yoga a try!