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Dear Diet Companies, I Don't Want Your Detox Coffee and Tea

With bikini season coming around the corner, many diet companies are targeting women and convincing them that they can achieve the ‘ideal’ flat stomach in time for summer. You have probably noticed that some of the individuals that you follow are selling and promoting these products. And, a lot of these companies have also gotten celebrities and big influencers to endorse their products as well.  However, I am here to tell you that these products do not work and if anything, they will make you feel even worse about yourself. Here are some reasons why you should not fall for these products.

  1. 1. The Nitty Gritty

    Think of your body as a plant. Whatever you feed into your body can affect the health and appearance of your body. With the right nutrients, your body can blossom and flourish. Hence, it is important to note what you put in your body. Ingredients vary based on the brand but there are two main ingredients in detox coffee and tea products: caffeine and laxatives. Caffeine, for the most part, is not detrimental to your health. In moderation, it can prevent and lower the risks of certain health issues (i.e. Alzheimer’s and heart attacks). The other ingredient is laxatives, which is what causes detox coffee and tea to ‘unreliable’ when it comes to losing weight.

  2. 2. It’s Only Temporary

    Laxatives “detox” the body in a way that allows you to lose water weight. The human body consists about 50-60% of water. Any excess water is referred to as water weight, which usually causes bloating and puffiness. Although laxatives can help you lose water weight, it is only temporarily. Once you complete the detox, the water weight will return.

  3. 3. It’s Not Good For Your Gut

    Laxatives contain substances that are not good for your body. It can disrupt the natural flow of your digestive system to the point where it will solely rely on the drink to function properly. This is why it is highly discouraged to use these drinks consistently.

Some tips that could aid you include drinking more water, cutting back on portions and exercising regularly. You can track your calorie intake by recording your food and drink consumption throughout the day. Also, apps such as Lifesum and MyFitnessPal can curate a food plan based on your weight and age if you are stuck on how to go about maintaining a healthy diet.