We Are Our Own Worst Critic

Photo By Sasha Freemind


As humans, we have a tendency to be hard on ourselves, our work and our accomplishments. Last semester, I started to lose who I was while I was in this constant battle of doubt.


I lost my capability to see my talents in the mix of all this self doubt. We are our own worst critic, and it does not get any easier when life starts throwing punches.


This past week was spent having revelations on my self doubt. All my insecurities strive and feed off of thoughts such as, “I am not pretty, smart or talented.” Phrases that are so self-deprecating it makes me question what I love.


I am never going to be fully capable of leaving behind my self doubt. This does not mean I am the things that fill my mind. It just means I will always have a little doubt in what I do and accomplish.


Self doubt tends to get in the way of taking risks. If no risks are taken, nobody can let you down. The other side of the coin, not taking risks leaves you in the same position where you started.


Looking back, I also realized I needed to experience the rough months of self doubt where I never felt like I was moving to find that spark again.


After these revelations, I was listening to a podcast with Jack Antonoff on the way to class. He mentioned trying and failing. He talked about the concept of a person who would never speak to someone the way they speak to themselves.


“We have a hard time treating ourselves like a friend,” Antonoff said during And The Writer IsPodcast.


This tiny little conversation hit me like a ton of bricks. I have to stop all this self doubt and learn from the mistakes and rough patches. You need the bad to get good!


Be your own worst critic, to an extent. However, do not forget to give yourself a pat on the back.