Stop Worrying. You Are Going To Be Fine.

Learning to go with the flow is a lot easier said than done. Life seems to constantly throw curveballs at us, especially at the most inconvenient times.


Sometimes things feel unfair and you cannot help but wonder why things could not get just a little bit easier. There never seems to be any time to breathe. We are constantly working, cleaning, running errands and going to class. The list never ends and on top of these daily tasks, we are constantly left wondering and worrying about if we will ever be able to take a breath.


That is what I am hear to tell you. Take that breath whenever you want because nothing will ever be perfectly timed to do so. You will always need to do something or complete something. The task list will never be convenient, so take these matters into your own hands.


I am the biggest worrier I know and my friends will be the first to tell me so. I cannot help, that is just who I am. I worry about the smallest and most unimportant thoughts that I literally have zero control over. I have to take on a million tasks in order to stay busy and not focus on all of the possible things that could go wrong.


But in my times of worrying, I have come to learn something that I can share with you: stop worrying because you will be fine. Like I said, this is so much easier said than done. I have definitely been there. But something you need to know, that took a while for myself to believe, is that you are doing your best. You cannot possibly try any harder if you are doing all that you can.


Take a breath and think about all you are tackling. Maybe you are full time student, you have a job, a family and your own personal struggles. Yet here you are, succeeding and being the best possible person you can be. That is literally all you can do. As long as you keep trying your best and taking pleasures in the small victories, things will fall into place. You will get that job, you will get that A and you will meet that person who makes you forget about any worry you ever had.


There is no point in worrying about the future or anything going on in your life. You are doing the best you can and being the best version of yourself. Let your success fall into place because you are doing everything you possibly can. And that is good enough.