A New Way to "Breathe"

Photo courtesy of "Breathe."


This past week I discovered a new app that has truly blessed my life. The app is developed by Stop, Breathe and Think and is called “Breathe.” It has changed how I go through my daily life.


I am typically a very stressed and high-strung person. I am skilled in coming off as calm, cool and collected while I’m freaking out completely on the inside. “Breathe” is made for people like me.


Its home screen begins by asking you how you are feeling, and you are free to be totally honest with no judgment. Not gonna lie, I am typically answering with “frustrated, tired and disconnected.” After a full day of classes and work, or even minimal human contact (let’s be honest), I desperately need some sort of recharge that sleep does not fully provide.


After you have put in how you are feeling, “Breathe” gives you a set of options to relax and unwind. I personally enjoy the sleep and meditation talks as well as the personalized yoga instructions.


I began just using this app to help me unwind and sleep a little better at night. However, I discovered that using it in the morning to open myself up to the day was just as helpful. I did not feel as anxious or worked up on my way to classes or work and I felt myself staying more relaxed throughout the day.


I found myself following through the meditation talks throughout my day when I felt most uneasy. I had a pretty nerve wracking doctor’s appointment, and I was able to stay mostly calm by remembering the techniques the app had provided.


“Breathe” also offers a premium subscription where you are able to get more extensive meditation techniques and yoga classes. They offer different instructors or guides that you can work with, so you are not just stuck with one if you do not like them.


I truly love this app. It has provided me a new coping mechanism I never thought was for me. I have already suggested it to a few friends, and I plan to continue to use it as long as I feel I benefit from it.